Have you got excess land in your back garden that is hard to maintain, or, you simply don’t use?

Then we might just have an offer that can free you of this worry, as well as putting a bit of money in you back pocket. Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? Well,
it really isn’t.

At Kingslea Homes we buy your land off you, at a brilliant price, and one that is often more than the land is worth. Whatever your dream or financial worry Kingslea Homes can help realise your aspirations, but all along, we do it with you in mind. There will be no financial pitfalls, no extra pressures or stress and no risk to you.

How It Works…

  • We work with private owners and commercial sellers to help them make the most out of their land, and realise potential opportunities. We consider any type of plot, or joint plots with neighbours and and will be interested in land regardless of current planning status and legalities.
  • We have been working in property for 30 years and have a long term interest in the West Midlands, Warwickshire & surrounding areas. We can come and value your land and, if it has potential, offer you a fixed sale price or a full promotion service based on this valuation and your preferences. All of this will be done for FREE, without any further obligation on your part.
  • If you are happy to move forward based on our offer, we will handle all associated costs with selling your land, including all legal fees, architecture fees, planning costs, surveys, valuations so we wont ever have you diving into your back pocket; we will just help fill it instead!
  • Throughout the whole process of buying your land, gaining planning permission, and building, you will be working with us and only us. You can rest assured that we wont sell your contract on to a third party company. You know that you
  • everything will be carried out by us, how you want, when you want, so there will be no nasty surprises along the way. You also know that if anything doesn’t go to plan there is no risk to you and you wont loose anything financially. Maybe a bit of time only!
  • We will also make sure you keep the amount of land you want, so there will still be plenty of space for those summer BBQ’s, you just wont need to worry about those untamed weeds at the end of the garden!
  • We take the job from start to finish meaning you know who you are dealing every step of the way, making sure that there is full trust and reassurance with every deal and you wont have to pay a penny for it. Embrace more of life today.

We also work with you through everything and will make sure the new property or properties built on the land you’ve sold are perfectly in keeping with your wishes and those of the community. We wont just put a 5 storey tower block at the back of your garden, so you can sleep easy!

There is unlikely to be anyone locally who has as much passion for land and as successful a team as Kingslea Homes, so get in touch today to discover just how we can help you realise some true capital.

The Benefits of Using Kingslea Homes

    • Over 30 years experience in property.
    • Specialist experience in design and planning.
    • Sound relationships with the regions local district councils.
    • Impressive planning success rate.
    • Pay for all excess legal fees, so it doesn’t cost you a penny.
    • You won’t loose anything if development doesn’t go through.
    • Deliver honest and accurate advice at all times, and keep you informed all of the way through.
    • Can usually offer higher purchase offers and values to your assets than market value.
    • Work closely with a range of authorities, planning and architectural departments with interested parties.
    • We appraise and research every site introduced at no initial cost.

We Take Pride in Achieving

  • Locally adapted, diverse and unique approvals.
  • Approvals based on renewable resources.
  • Approvals that are of an appropriate scale.
  • Building plots that will be visually unobtrusive.
  • Enhanced biodiversity.
  • Better public access to open space.
  • Building developments that generate little traffic.
  • Sustainable livelihoods.
  • Co-ordinated, strong and detailed management plans.


Selling Your Property

As well as buying land, Kingslea Homes would also be interested in buying your property. In some cases this is necessary where we need to demolish a property to create a road access. In these cases, will write to you about buying your property and will pay a healthy premium over its value for it.

Want to chat further?

Head over to our contact page to get in touch or call us on 0121 330 1769

Areas we cover

We cover a reasonably large area which is in the West Midlands. We prefer to be south of Birmingham. Boroughs include:- Warwickshire, Lichfield, Bromsgrove, Solihull, Worcester, Wychavon, Stratford, North Warwickshire and Birmingham. Thus from Hall Green to Stratford Upon Avon to the south. Then Bromsgrove and Worcester to the West and Coleshill and Water Orton to the East. We then look at all areas in between too. To name but a few:- Hall Green, Selly Oak, Stirchley, Moseley, Harborne, Edgbaston, Barnt Green, Hagley, Stourbridge, Studley, Redditch, Shirley, Solihull, Wythall, Earlswood,Knowle, Balsall Common, Filongley, Meriden, Hockley Heath, Lapworth, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield.

Do remember that if you have a development site for us but its outside of these areas them we will still look at it if its the right location and type for our business.